Roshni sold over a million copies in Pakistan alone, an extremely impressive figure for a poor country which is still largely male dominant and has an extremely high rate of piracy in the world. Hadiqa’s image also became a signature look in cities like Karachi. These included long coat-like sherwanis and snake printed trousers , chic cuts and color. This style by Hadiqa was a standard to many women who looked up to her in Pakistani cities.

Hadiqa’s success got her signed as Brand Ambassador for Lipton Yellow Label in 2001.

In 2002, she was signed again by “Uni Lever” for Sunsilk Shampoo.

Throughout 2001 and 2002, she performed live concerts in USA , Canada , U.K, Middle East, Far East, Australia, Norway, Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey on multiple occasions. She promoted the soft image of Pakistan after 9-11 a time when Pakistan was percieved in the west as a Terrorist State.

Hadiqa Kiani released her third album Rung (Colors) in September 2002. Prior to Rung’s release, Kiani sang an OST for a drama called Chehray. The song also made the final listing on Rung.

The first single released from Rung was “Yaad Sajan”. The song helped the album sales propel throughout September and October 2002 and was an instant hit. It didn’t however make it as big as “Dupatta” or “Boohey Barian”, but generally got great appreciation.

Where Hadiqa released multiple videos for her previous albums within months after the album release, she didn’t do so with Rung because of a personal crisis in her life. Her marriage was seeing problems. Issues with her marriage saw her being removed from the spotlight for the rest of 2002, and mid 2003. Rung’s sales slowly declined since no other single had been released. Her divorce was finalized in March 2003. She decided to take a few months off from her music career. As a result, Rung’s sales seemed stalled.

She returned to promote the album in June 2003, almost 10 months after she’d released “Yaad Sajan” with a new single “Ranjhan” and several stage performances and tours around the country. She then released other singles off the album throughout 2003 and 2004. These included “Jogi”, “Mahi”, and “Dholan”.

People felt great improvement in standard and concept for instance in “Jogi ” Hadiqa plays various roles of women, including a traditional Japanese girl, a desert girl, a tribal woman , a futuristic girl etc. She played the role of a vampire in her video “Mahi”. The video clearly sent a message to the world, not to judge people based on their faiths, casts, color or breed and not to stereotype.

Hadiqa’s album sales picked up through 2003 and 2004. In 2004, she received the Best Female Pop Singer Award by Indus Music, the first 24 hour music channel of Pakistan (at the time).

Rung got mixed reviews from experts. Overall it didn’t capitalize on the momentum she generated by Roshni. Many argue that this was due to the fact that Rung had more mature slow paced ballads than Roshni, while some say the turmoils of her personal life, along with the increase of piracy in the country caused its sales to decline.

However a UK based Magazine declared Hadiqa as the 22nd greatest music maker of South Asia out of Top 50, also mentioning on how she raised the standard of music videos in the country.

Hadiqa didn’t release any single to promote Rung sales in 2005 and 2006. However, she continued to build on her success by touring heavily these years. Most of the time she was the official representative of Pakistan appointed by the government.

On August 11, 2005, Hadiqa performed in Nagoya for the Prime Minister of Japan Mr.Junichiro Koizumi. She performed in Houston on 13th August 2005. The show was held at Sam Houston Race Park, and it was attended by over 15000 people. Chief guest of the show was Sheila Jackson Lee (member US House of Representatives). Hadiqa was invited to perform in Toronto on 14 Aug, 2005 by The Pakistani Consulate. Later she performed at the “Mets Baseball Game” in “Shea Stadium” New York on August 18, 2005. She also performed at the Pakistan Day Parade in New York on August 28, 2005.

Though Hadiqa couldn’t release music and didn’t promote sales for Rung due to her touring in these years, she still remained a strong figure in the industry due to her contributions and experiments. She again won Indus Music Award for the Best Female singer for the second time in 2005.

Throughout 2005, Hadiqa did not release any video to promote Rung. She did however sing in various collaborations with other male singers. She sang the OST for a drama on HUM TV called “Aas Paas” with singer Atif Aslam. She sang 2 more OST’s for the same channel, one being “Koi Lamha Gulab Sa” with Ahmed Jehanzeb, and another solo OST for a drama called “Tum Meray Ho”. She also was featured in Najam Sheraz’s single “In Say Nain” alongside many other featured artists. She was the only female artist in that song. She also performed for a special show on ARY’s The Musik called “Re-Mastered”, where she sang her songs and covered popular band Fuzon’s song Teray Bina with Fuzon. In the same show, Fuzon (Shafqat) covered her song Boohey Barian, and asked her to sing with them on their closing number, Aankhon Ke Sagar.